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Ladies and gentlemen, her...

South Africa’s golden girl, Nirvana Nokwe is a globally recognised actor, musician, model, host & thought leader.  Her voice and onscreen presence are one of the most prominent and memorable offerings in the entertainment industry today. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa with her roots and values hailing from KwaMashu in Durban, KZN, Nirvana was raised and groomed within the intersection of arts, entertainment and political arenas. Having spent a childhood singing, dancing and performing with her mother, the artist and visionary Tu Nokwe and aunt Mango Groover member, studio owner and producer Marilyn Nokwe.  

Nirvana launched her career as an actress on BBC Family’s Quarx show as principal lead Strange. She also starred  in the Emmy recognised show Reyka as Mbali Msomi.  

Most recently, Nirvana can be seen leading as Sihle Biyela in the hit  Showmax Original ‘Outlaws’ as well as riveting thriller ‘Red Ink’ as Busi Mhlongo. She also stars as A$AP Rocky’s mother in the famous music video Fre’e Nations, Anderson Peak and A$AP Rocky music video ‘GANGSTA’ produced by Jules De Chateaux of Division Global and Directed by Francios Rousselet

Outside of acting, Nirvana is an advocate and thought leader in the transformation of creative industries through equity design.

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Role: Sihle Biyela EP1 - 40

Set in the lush but lawless land on the border between Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal, Outlaws is the story of two families at war with each other: the Zulu, cattle-farming Biyela clan and the Basotho, cattle-raiding Tseoles.

Role: Busi Mhlongo EP1

When Lucy, a PR consultant, agrees to write a book about a convicted serial killer, she's thrust into a world of violence and dark secrets, uncovering a criminal conspiracy that puts her and her family's lives at risk.


Role: A$AP Rocky's Mother

'GANGSTA' is a single by the Free National's featuring A$AP Rocky & Anderson Paak. The music video is a Division film, was shot in Cape Town and is directed by François Rousselet, executive produced by Jules De Chateaux.

Role: Mbali Msomi

In 1994 in South Africa, the daughter of a multiracial couple is kidnapped. She escapes and, as an adult, becomes a detective. Reyka Gama uses her skills to raise her child and solve mysteries.


Role: Busisiwe

Pending a move overseas with the woman who raised her and her mother’s ex-employer, Lisa, Busi’s visa gets denied and she is forced to move back to Alexander Township to live with her domestic worker mother, Pretty. Busi who is accustomed to a westernised and privileged life with Lisa, has a hard time accepting her changed circumstances and the implications that these have on her self- conception. 

Role: Pinky Dube

A band of freedom fighters invade the trial of a white police officer who shot a Black man and a hostage situation unfolds on screens nationwide.

Role: Strange

Quarx is a madcap series of scripted films for kids. Have you ever wondered what would happen if we could change the laws of physics? Watch this and find out. But we warn you - it isn't pretty. (Although it is quite funny.) From a pet black hole that goes out of control to a world overrun with giant insects, the Quarx lurch from the brink of one apocalypse to another.



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